“The principle of continuous growth which rule our economy have brought us here. But is there a different path?

What if we used our gains in productivity to slow down? We could work less and produce less. It would also mean consuming less”.

Source: Workers of The World Relax – The Jevons Paradox

It is really awesome there so many people on this planet thinking you don’t have to WYAO all the time. Freegans, continuous growers and off-gridderslook for creative ways of escaping the brutally mundane capitalist lifestyles.

Although I don’t feel I belong to any of these groups I am inspired by those walking backwards and favoring non-linear thinking.

It’s important for me to try and live my life one day at at time even if it means facing the hardships of rudimentary facilities and basic food.

I’m trying not to be fooled by the mainstream society that someone called the box civilization: you live in a box, eat from a box, drive in a box and work in front of a box. I’m constantly trying to think outside this box.

My girlfriend and I currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland and get ready for the travel experience of our lives. Each time we leave our home for the shortest of trips we learn something new and find we’re still greedy for more.

So far we managed to see a great deal of Scotland, which is a magical place full of mysteries and guys wearing skirts. We are in love with this place and will find it really hard to leave one day.


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